Wilson Sons launches this study to the market with the aim of genuinely transforming the reality and future of our sector by encouraging entrepreneurship and developing new technological solutions. This mapping gives visibility to what we identified as being produced in terms of innovation in the maritime and port sector.

528 startups

We evaluated hundreds of startups and innovation ecosystems over the last few years, and we filtered down for this study only and exclusively startups focused on the maritime-port sector, or with solutions that directly meet the demands of this industry. We've grouped each solution into the 7 categories shown here, according to service types.

Density of startups and industry innovation ecosystems

In addition to categorizing by services and technologies, we also surveyed the geographic distribution of mapped startups. Another important fact is the 22 innovation ecosystems focused on the sector, which we constantly monitor to observe new solutions and technologies.

Big Data & Analytics is the
most present Tech Cluster

We categorized the mapped startups through the main technologies used in their solutions.


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Contents you will find in the complete mapping

Big Data, Blockchain, IoT… What was once seen as a world apart from the port and maritime sector, now dictates its next steps. We are truly in an ocean of new opportunities. Maritime and Port Startup Scouting 2022 is the complete guide for you to navigate in.