5 model countries in international logistics

  • 20/06/2024
  • 2 minutes

Quality, routes, infrastructure and innovative processes put some countries at the forefront of global logistics. Check out the top 5 models that are examples of efficiency, according to the 2023 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) report.

1. Singapore

Leads the Asian market with innovative connectivity, infrastructure and processes. It has the largest container port in the world, connecting to 600 ports. The airport makes 6,800 flights per week to 330 cities.

2. Finland

Leader in international remittances, Finland is a hub of technological innovation, which contributes to logistics through the use of advanced technologies. This set of factors places the country among the best in the logistics sector, with an LPI of 4.2.

3. Denmark

It possesses a well-developed network of highways and railways, efficiently connecting the country to its European neighbors. The country is also a pioneer in sustainable logistics practices and has an environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure. No wonder it has the 3rd best logistical performance.

4. Germany

Logistics is so important that it represents 25% of the European market. It is the 3rd most important sector of the German economy. Germany is an international leader in logistics technology and infrastructure quality.

5. Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam has an average of 160 million consumers/year. The Netherlands accounts for 13% of the road transport in the European Union and has one of the world’s largest maritime and air transport facilities.