Bonded warehouse: what is it and how does it work?

  • 20/06/2024
  • 10 minutes

The import and export processes require a lot of attention from everyone involved — there are different details that must be analyzed and prepared so that the commercialization takes place without problems. In this context, the bonded warehouse serves as an aid to this work.

Moreover, it is essential for optimizing crucial steps, not only concerning deliveries but also expenses, proving fundamental for those seeking a service that combines cost with benefit.

In this article, you will learn what the bonded warehouse is about and what its advantages are for trade. Check it out!

What is bonded warehouse?

The bonded warehouse is a space where products or items are stored, waiting for all legal guidelines to be in accordance with logistical needs. Basically, it’s a terminal that receives import and export shipments, which are inspected by customs until they are cleared by the Federal Revenue Service.

In order for companies to both store and handle their products in such situations, they need authorization from the Federal Revenue Service (SRF), which deals with the movement and storage of goods.

What are the types of bonded warehouses?

There is not only one type of warehouse that performs this function, in fact, there are two classifications for this space:

  • private — it is exclusive and can be used by an authorized company or individual. As it is private, it does not stock goods that do not belong to the owning company.
  • Public – despite being public, it can be controlled by either a public agency or a private institution. Therefore, any company or person is allowed to use it, as long as it complies with the guidelines.

What are the main advantages?

In general, bonded warehouses are crucial for the maintenance of cargoes, until a destination is found for them. The best thing is that these items can be stored for an unlimited time until they are sold. However, this is not the only benefit of this type of location.

Next, we will present the main advantages of this warehouse. Check it out!


The search for solutions guarantees a good cost-benefit ratio and is always one of the objectives of any business. When working with goods and, above all, international marketing, it is important to find ways to save without losing quality.

The bonded warehouse is a very interesting alternative for international trade, especially because it exempts the payment of taxes and fees until the merchandise has a destination. So the charge only happens when the sale is made.

Load Safety

The merchandise stored in this type of establishment remains legal, and there is no deadline for it to be dispatched, unless it is a perishable product with an expiration date. This offers a lot of security for the company that can store its products, without the concern of not being able to sell them in time. 

Furthermore, when the goods are stored in the warehouse, the owner has access to them through authorization, being able to either take care of the packaging or transfer them to another warehouse.

Time reduction

The issue of delivery deadlines is always a potential headache, both for the company responsible for the merchandise and for the recipient. When it comes to international business, such a situation is even more complicated, as transportation is usually conducted by sea, and there are a number of variables that hinder arrival.

Having solutions that facilitate this process is very important for logistics and the reputation of the business. Therefore, bonded warehouses serve as an excellent solution for this operation, especially because when a sale is confirmed, there is no need for the product to be shipped from the country of origin; it can be sent directly from the warehouse, aiding in delivery times.

Greater productivity

Finally, most import and export processes consist of meeting some tax requirements. From records, inspections, and tax payments related to all these processes, although necessary, they represent a significant effort on the part of companies. In addition, any detail that is not correct already means having to return the merchandise.

Therefore, solutions like bonded warehouses bring a significant advantage by providing a complete structure for handling matters such as item nationalization, fiscal issues, and other details. The inspection procedures are carried out quickly, and the shipper has the certainty that the product will arrive at the destination within the contracted timeframe.

How do you help in international trade?

Having a space to store the goods and make it possible to send them is a fundamental point for foreign trade. The truth is, without a suitable location, the chances of products being damaged are very high, which can also disrupt delivery times.

Bonded warehouses assist companies from different nationalities in having an area to store their products in perfect condition until all processes involving sales confirmation are correct.

They also have sufficient tools to facilitate the nationalization process, so that the company faces less bureaucracy to market its products.

Why perform these services with Wilson Sons?

When it comes to cargo management, hiring a company with experience in the market and that continues to offer innovative solutions is crucial. Wilson Sons has a tradition of providing the best for various needs, and its warehouses are designed to ensure not only customs operations but also port operations with security and quality.

Our services provide partnerships with important foreign trade agencies, such as RFB, Anvisa and MAPA. Among the advantages that we can highlight are:

  • Area of 4,000 m² for cargo storage and inspection;
  • Operation of containers, loose cargo and large dimensions;
  • Customization of the structure that can be adapted to the customer’s need;
  • safety against accidents, robberies and malfunctions.

The bonded warehouse represents an important resource for foreign trade and goods management. These spaces allow products to be safely conserved and dispatched. 

Interested in nationalizing or exporting goods? Wilson Sons can help your business. See  here how our warehouses are prepared for the most varied types of goods.