Connections that generate solutions

  • 30/01/2024
  • 10 minutes

Brazilian production is booming. With the increase in exports, mainly motivated by the super crops of commodities, the country is also preparing to make leaps in productivity in several strategic sectors, such as energy and industrial sectors.

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Connected to this movement, the Santo André Logistics Center presents itself as the main production flow hub, connecting the largest port in Latin America, the Port of Santos, to the heart of the Brazilian economy, the city of São Paulo. “We are partners of those who produce in Brazil. As the largest customs area in the state, our solutions facilitate the entire production chain”, says Thaís Sangean, general manager of the Santo André Logistics Center.

With 25 years of experience, the center is undergoing a profound digital transformation to offer logistics solutions integrated with the domestic and international trade. “We are committed to innovation and sustainability. I am convinced that this is the future.”

From now on, the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda will be even more present in the sector, says the executive, dictating new directions for integration between the various players in the logistics chain, enabling a more digital, agile and sustainable scenario. “We live in the era of collaboration. Only in this way will everyone win”. Check out the following interview and discover everything that the Santo André Logistics Center is capable of providing to your business.

Connecting sustainability and innovation

At the heart of the Brazilian economy, the city of São Paulo pulses with productivity. As a dynamic and competitive center, it is the main economic hub in South America and leads the discussions in the national market on the impact of the use of new technologies and the adoption of sustainable practices that promote socio-environmental responsibility under a solid governance. 

In its metropolitan region, known as ABC Region, the Santo André Logistics Center, belonging to Wilson Sons, has a structure of an impressive 119,000 m2, being the largest bonded area in the state of São Paulo.  Outside the rotation zone and close to important logistics links, it is the central point that offers interconnection with different modes and integrated solutions for challenges of those who export and import in Brazil.

This strategic location makes all the difference, says Sangean. The Port of Santos, the main port region in the country, is 79 km away, while the Rodoanel Mário Covas is only 18 km away. “We are at the heart of Brazilian production, close to industry, retail and agribusiness. Because of this, we were able to provide capillarity to our partners, both to nationalize the imported merchandise and to take the national product for export.”

It was over 25 years of history that this capillarity was built, with strong investments in expansions, such as the construction of the distribution center connected to the bonded warehouse. A fundamental work for the business to reach the current level, evaluates the executive. 

“Currently, our distribution operation is just as important as our warehousing operation. This is what makes us a differentiated solution: we have two operations in the same environment, which saves time, money and also reduces the carbon footprint of our partners’ operations.”

In fact, the commitment to sustainability is a fundamental aspect of Wilson Sons’ logistics center. Certified by international bodies and entities, the company won, for example, the gold seal of the GHG Protocol program, for the second consecutive year. The certification is the highest level of recognition for companies that demonstrate transparency in their greenhouse gas emissions inventories, zeroing carbon emissions. “We also seek to reduce the environmental impact with the most appropriate disposal of the by-products of our operations. The City of Santo André has been a strong ally”, adds the executive.Precisely because it offers more technological and sustainable storage and distribution solutions, both for import and export, Sangean points out that the connection of the Santo André Logistics Center to startups of Cubo Maritime & Port, the first innovation hub in the sector, has been essential. Based in São Paulo, the initiative led by Wilson Sons in partnership with Cubo Itaú, the largest technological entrepreneurship center in Latin America, provided an increase in productivity, automating information and procedures.

“Technology matters. However, we believe that true digital transformation happens when it is not only at the service of operations, but when it provides our customers with more sustainable solutions.”

Santo André Logistics Center: logistics link for the development of Brazil

Strategically located, the Santo André Logistics Center has three distribution centers and receives the most diverse cargoes with complete storage management, advanced technologies and transport services. Serving diverse segments, such as food, automotive, retail, energy and chemical, it has a dedicated team, world-class infrastructure and security, with licenses for all types of products audited by responsible bodies, such as Anvisa, the Federal Police and the Army.

To this end, the center has invested heavily in automation, a key element to increase operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs, explains Sangean. “As the volume of cargo grows, we need to gain efficiency, and technology helps a lot in this regard.  Here, we have all kinds of equipment, in addition to connectivity tools, linking the cargo with the system, which means that our customers can count on more agile and accurate processes.”

Although the commitment to innovation is a driver of operations, Sangean states that engagement with the partner network and the ability to generate more flexible solutions is the central element for the success of a logistics operation: “Our distribution center offers the opportunity for our partners to strategically place their products on the market, with storage spaces focused on agility, safety and the best cost-benefit for product dispatch.”

It is from this ability to generate smarter connections that the Santo André Logistics Center becomes an excellent option for the logistics chain, especially with industrial and retail reheating.

“We are always attentive to the needs of our partners and to the movements of the market, which is becoming more agile every day. Therefore, anticipating solutions, offering more flexibility combined with technology and sustainability, has allowed us to lead the sector.” 

Regarding future projects, Sangean assesses that the scenario is one of growth. “The increase in the flow of navigation along the Brazilian coast already indicates a growth in Brazil’s export volume, which will demand even more new logistics solutions to export Brazilian production, nationalize our imports and transport them domestically. Around here, we are committed to innovation and sustainability. I am convinced that this is the future of sustainable development in our country.”

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