Understand what container stuffing is all about

  • 03/10/2023
  • 9 minutes

It is common knowledge that containers, equipment widely used for transport of cargo, are ideal solutions for goods to be packed and transported correctly and safely.

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However, the great need to optimize space within those isolated spaces, with the objective of reducing shipping costs and cargo handling required new devices. In this way, the technique of container stuffing proved to be remarkable.

Keep reading to find out what it is, what is its relevance and how it is done!

What is container stuffing?

Container stuffing consists of filling the container with the goods completely, respecting the limits of the required capacity and the different types of materials.

It is worth noting that each type of load requires a different stuffing pattern. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a prior analysis, taking into account the individual and total weight, together with their degree of fragility. This will make it possible to calculate the appropriate number of containers to accommodate each material in order to reduce any possible damages.

How important is this technique?

Those who believe that container stuffing is important only for the protection of cargoes are mistaken. This process also ensures the safety of the team and the environment.

For the stuffing to take place regularly and effectively, without causing internal impacts, trained port logistics professionals must carry out a risk assessment. Then, a risk management plan must be made, based on current legislation on container transport and the UN Code (in the case of hazardous materials).

As for external impacts, all loads are potential generators of environmental damage. However, the most significant are Oil and Gas (O&G), especially during maritime transport. Its transportation needs to be very accurate, since such loads have enormous economic value and can cause serious and often irreversible environmental complications.

What machinery is used in the process?

In addition to professionals qualified for the activity, there is still a need for adequate equipment for the correct stuffing of containers. The main machinery used is:

  • Munck truck;
  • Crane;
  • Forklifts;
  • Container truck.

Which is the most recommended professional for inspection?

Due to the fact that the inspection and regularization of equipment and machinery is crucial, it is advisable to hire a Shipping Agent.

This professional will act as an intermediary between ships and ports, facilitating the release of vessels, cargo and crew. They may also be responsible for the implementation and supervision of the Export Processing Zone (ZEP), if it is of interest to the company.

What are the processes for container storage?

The first step, the cargo must be packed in the best possible manner in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the material. But for container stuffing to be very effective, the container cannot have any void spaces, they must be filled.

In view of this, if the loads are not enough to fill the gaps, the following should be used: chains, ropes, wooden structures or air bags. All this in order to prevent what is transported from moving during the transportation.

In the second stage, due to the need for an agile unstuffing, given the large flow of cargo in the ports, the process is carried out by means of suitable machinery. Forklifts or cranes are often used — however, respecting, of course, the handling requirements of the material in question.

Can you operate without hiring a cargo stuffing service?

Negligence with the safety of the cargo in transport, consequently, brings risks to the team involved. Especially to the employees who operate the machinery and carry out loading and unloading.

It is therefore essential that organizations that carry out cargo transport activities in containers seek support from specialized companies. They have high expertise in their team to perform tasks in an organized manner, following effective methods and planning in container stuffing.

How can Wilson Sons help?

Faced with a scenario that requires such experience and knowledge, it is worth mentioning that Wilson Sons has a high-quality container stuffing service in bonded areas. It brings together machinery, equipment and teams highly specialized in general and special cargoes.

The company is committed to promoting innovations in its services and ensuring ethical and safe work that brings real benefits to customers. Precisely for this reason, Wilson Sons has become a solid benchmark among companies in the port and maritime logistics segment of the Brazilian market.

Loading and unloading are routine in the port logistics segment, but they are complex activities. When not performed correctly, they can negatively impact an organization. Therefore, it is worth leaving the container stuffing to those who know the subject well and have extensive experience of operating in the market.

In addition to the optimized packaging of goods in containers, how about knowing a little more about how to make your logistics efficient? Understand how to get it right in the process of storing and moving cargo in ports!