More sustainable and efficient cabotage routes along the course

  • 30/01/2024
  • 9 minutes

The rise in agribusiness productivity, advances in the energy sector and the resumption of investments in the industry are at the top of the list of items that contribute most to increasing Brazil’s competitiveness. 

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In the route of these sectors, Tecon Salvador presents itself as a great partner, being responsible for a good part of its export and import, further boosting the sustainable development of the economy.  “Brazil is promising and a set of factors makes our expectation about the development of our market increase every day”, says Guilherme Dutra, commercial director of the unit.

With an extensive area of influence, encompassing more than 10 states, from São Paulo to Piauí, the terminal has shortened distances and consolidated itself as the best alternative for the movement of fertilizers, photovoltaic energy, cotton, fruits, chemicals and wind energy projects. “We are increasing our capillarity by internalizing our business, promoting solutions to companies that intend to connect with the world.” 

Sustainability combined with massive investments in infrastructure make the terminal an important link in the path of those who connect domestic products to the foreign market. “Virtually everything we see inside the house has passed through here”. Check out the following interview and find out how Tecon Salvador can be an ally to the growth of your business.

A history of regional development

Born in the capital of Bahia, Wilson Sons is one of the first companies in Brazil with more than 185 years of operation. Its terminal in Bahia, Tecon Salvador, is strategically located near large consumer markets and is a leader in long-haul operations, both in export and import, in the north and northeast regions.

Part of the Port of Salvador, it has more than 160,000 m2 of area on the banks of the 2nd largest navigable bay in the world, the Bay of All Saints, capital of the Blue Amazon. By land, it is only 50 km from the Camaçari Industrial Complex, the largest petrochemical complex in the country, and is the only container terminal in Brazil integrated into an exclusive road system for trucks, connected to the BR-324 highway.

The concession, assumed by Wilson Sons in the 2000s, has already accumulated more than 1 billion reais in investments in just over 20 years of operation, such as the duplication of the pier and modernization of its entire infrastructure. Dutra attributes the increasing efficiency that the terminal observes, each year, to the company’s engagement with its development: “This allowed us to make a leap in productivity, surpassing some important records and gradually increasing our performance”.

The port-city relationship is a central element of the strategy, adds the executive. “By taking the first step with investments in infrastructure, technology and people, we invite the entire dockside structure and the community around us to join us and thus ensure that the entire Port of Salvador evolves”. This combination of state-of-the-art technology, solid infrastructure and commitment to the sustainable development of the entire region, makes it a strategic partner for companies seeking efficiency and socio-environmental responsibility.

“We are committed to decarbonization. We recently expanded our fleet of electric yard tractors or TTs (terminal tractors), a milestone for the sector in Brazil. An investment of more than R$ 20 million that will minimize our carbon footprint: 340 tons of CO2 will no longer be released in the atmosphere per year.” 

Electric TTs are used for internal transport between vessels and container storage areas and are the largest electrified fleet in the sector in the country, explains the executive. The sustainability agenda is a differential of Wilson Sons’ terminal, since the company is a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international, non-profit organization that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint. The partnership globally attests the engagement in ESG practices and provides access to benchmarking tools and industry best practices for proactive management of solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation.

Tecon Salvador: shortening distances in Brazil and in the world

Serving the main maritime lines in Brazil, with expertise in containerized, break bulk and bulk cargo, Tecon Salvador operates the largest ships sailing along the east coast of South America, operating with a high standard of efficiency and world-class safety.

“Our big differentiator is the ability to genuinely listen to our partners. Ensuring a good experience makes them not only experience Tecon Salvador’s operations, but stay with us for the long term.”

This care with the customization of the service level, which earned Wilson Sons the award of port with more spontaneous satisfaction by the Ibero-Brazilian Institute of Customer Relations, combined with the avant-garde positioning in the field of technology, guarantees excellence in operations. “Tecon Salvador has the best equipment in the world to operate ships, load and unload containers in vehicles in the yard and to deliver and receive them from the market.”

Combining operational excellence, sustainability and service level, the terminal expanded its zone of influence throughout the land within its reach, an area that encompasses more than 10 Brazilian states, some geographically distant, such as Goiás, Tocantins, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Dutra evaluates that the solutions offered by Tecon Salvador have attractive differentials for those seeking more efficiency in costs and performance, linked to safety and operational continuity. 

Another factor that emerges is the increase in cabotage. This service, which already represents 30% of the terminal’s movement, grows by double digits per year, and connects national ports through river or sea navigation:

“Considering our coastline of more than 8,000 km, it is natural that this solution emerges. Investments in maritime and land accessibility increase our capillarity with efficiency and safety, in addition to delivering energy efficiency compared to other modals in medium and long distances.”

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