Port intelligence of Wilsons Sons: how it works

  • 23/06/2021
  • 10 minutes

Port intelligence is the main factor responsible for the optimization and development of the shipping agency sector in the recent years. But, do you know exactly what this concept means?

As it happens in the market in general, digital transformation is being speedily implemented at the ports, and Wilson Sons invests heavily in this scenario.

In order to talk further about this matter, we have invited two specialists: Karla Brazil and Fernanda Perazza, responsible for the market Intelligence area of Wilson Sons’ towage units and for the shipping agency departments of Wilson Sons. Keep reading to understand what port intelligence is, how it works and why to invest in this activity!

What is port intelligence?

We need to take some steps backwards and talk about market intelligence before approaching port intelligence. Also known as MI, Business Intelligence or BI, this concept refers to the growing capacity of companies to collect information and use them as basis for management optimization and decision making.

This is a kind of business vision with an extension that was not possible before, but that has been recently become popular by applying technology in administrative and operational processes – by means of Big Data and artificial intelligence applications.

Under this wide technologic umbrella, port intelligence consists of a rational use of large volumes of data and real time monitoring to manage port operations.

Fernanda presents a very comprehensive definition for the term. In her point of view, the implementation of the concept requires:

  • to know the particulars of the ports, such as their restrictions and operations applicable;
  • to have access to complementary Information that may interfere with the operations of the cargo/vessel – weather forecast, local or national strikes of a given labor categories involved in the port activities;
  • to have specific information about each operation – in times of Covid-19, for example, to be aware of the restrictions for crew change, vessel scheduling meetings at Dock Companies, etc.

Both specialists also agree that there is a difference, mainly in the scope of market intelligence in general and port intelligence.

Whereas BI tells us a lot about the knowledge of the internal productivity potential and the relation between this operational factor and competitors, as well as the customers, the shipping agency has an additional layer in this proposal.

Besides the view of the internal processes itself, it is necessary to pay attention to details such as “which ports are handling more each commodity, which players are more present at each port, if there is a new player in a certain commodity in the country, or if there is a noticeable different strategy from a player who has started to use a new port for his cargo”, Karla explains.

In other words, maritime intelligence is a 360º coverage of the operations of a maritime transport company, involving not only its internal productivity, but also a refined comprehension of the present market situation, all based on technology.

How does the port intelligence of Wilson Sons work?

Port intelligence service is one of the biggest differential advantages of Wilson Sons. According to Karla, WS manages to combine the understanding of customer pain points with a series of data available, making it become, as so, a strategic arm. “We can be the intelligence area that they do not have, or help them in this area for their decision making process”, she explains.

In her view, Wilson Sons plays the role of customers’ eyes at the Brazilian Ports. “We help them with prompt information of the ports, and continue with relevant observations that may influence positively the berthing and operations of their vessels”, she adds. 

But how is it done, in practice? To help you understand how Wilson Sons carries out the port intelligence activities, we list hereunder the main points involved in this process.

Market analysis

Wilson Son’s market analysis is based on a tailored report designed to link tendencies, cargo handling and most interesting ports with the objectives and proposals of your products transportation. It means to use information technology to identify the best opportunities to optimize prices and deadlines.

Port line-up

With a complete view of the ports, Wilson Sons can keep their customers informed of the estimated arrival, berthing and sailing of vessels from each terminal (ETA, ETB, ETS), besides the details of their respective cargoes.

Having these data segmented per commodity, logistic planning and execution are facilitated to enable companies to dedicate least time and money possible in these tasks.

Regular reports and statistics

Besides an operations view, it is also provided a view of the market based on monthly reports segmented per commodity, with several data that are a vital for the logistic optimization, such as:

  • monthly average of days waiting times at anchorage;
  • major cargoes handled;
  • top shippers/receivers, including charterers;
  • Cargo quantity.

Wilson Sons also offers other information that may be useful for your strategy. The first one is the Overview, which displays data about commodities and the situation of each one in the market and ports. Furthermore, there is a rain report with weather forecast (factors that directly impact on port operations) and news that may be interesting for your planning.

As Fernanda points out, WS receives and retransmit, from time to time, notes and updates that alerts to maintenance stoppages of terminals, dredging operations, alterations of drafts, local strikes, etc.

Why you should invest in this solution today

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about market competitiveness without including technology and data management in the conversation. And this is happens in companies of all sectors.

In the maritime transport case, it is even more important, once vision and planning directly impact on logistic costs and the operations optimization that makes a company more competitive in the international market.

That is exactly what Wilson Sons offers: intelligence with significance for the business, once we bet on tailor-made approach for data collection and report elaboration.

The activity of elaborating a vision according to objectives set out by the customers is what makes many of them prefer Wilson Sons, not to speak of the concern with mutual growth.

It is just as Karla concludes: “We believe that our main service will be always connected to the maritime operations, but we grow up together with our customers, so that we do want to be your strategic arm.”

Port intelligence is essential for the future. Get in touch with Wilson sons and let’s grow up together!