13/5/2019 - Wilson Sons Estaleiros received a dredger from Van Oord for dry-docking

Wilson Sons Estaleiros, a shipbuilding company from Wilson Sons Group, made the dockage of the Simson Backhoe Dredger (68 meters length and 23 meters width) . The vessel belongs to Dutch company Van Oord, one of the largest dredger operators in the world that has presented in the market for 150 years.

The Simson dredger was built in the Netherlands in 2009 and operates at the Port of Santos. The dry-docking includes structural repairs and improvements in the box-cooler. The operation took place in Guarujá (State of São Paulo) and lasted around 30 days. This was the first dry-docking execution that Wilson Sons Estaleiros has conducted for Van Oord.

According to Adalberto Souza, Wilson Sons Estaleiros' Executive Director, the key factors considered in Van Oord's decision were the Shipyard's location, its infrastructure and excellent safety performance.

“Other contracts are under negotiation. Wilson Sons Estaleiros has many competitive advantages: tradition of on-time deliveries, quality, competitive prices and the support of a strong group such as Wilson Sons”, emphasizes Adalberto Souza.

In addition to Simson, five other dry-dockings were carried out by Wilson Sons Estaleiros between January and March and twenty more are scheduled for 2019. The current orderbook also contemplates the construction of an escort tug with 90 tons of bollard pull for the Wilson Sons Rebocadores.

Fonte: Wilson Sons