16/12/2016 - Secretariat of Ports authorizes Cotegipe to increase terminal capacity

The Secretariat of Ports (SEP) authorized Cotegipe to increase by 1.5 million tons the capacity of your Private Use Terminal (TUP) in Salvador (BA), near the Port of Aratu. With the expansion, the terminal can handle up to 6.5 million tons of dry bulk cargoes per year. In the future, the project will also move general cargo and containers.

The Minister of SEP, Hélder Barbalho, signed on Monday, 18th, the new contract provides an additional BRL225 million in investments by Cotegipe. Added to the investments already planned BRL800 million in the area, the total disbursements of the company in the terminal will be of BRL1.025 billion.

Source: Estadão, via Ports & Ships on April, 19, 2016

Fonte: WS Agencia