Affirming our commitment to the economic and social development inof Brazil, Wilson Sons maintains lasting relationships with other social partners. These, ethical and solid actions are for the future of young people and adolescents in Brazil. Learn more about the projects:
Escola de Gente

The Escola de Gente (Communication and Inclusion NGO) works for the inclusion of vulnerable groups in society, especially people with disabilities. Their actions involve courses given in companies and institutions, training young people and making them multipliers of the concept and practice of social inclusion.

The NGO has four programs: Accessibility for Sustainability, Alliance for an Inclusive Latin American Society, Youth for Inclusion and Accessible Theater: Art, Pleasure, and Rights, winner of the "Chico Mendes Prize for Socio-Environmental Journalism", an initiative held in partnership with United Nations Global Compact, which promotes the sustainable growth of citizenship.

In 2018, about 16,541 children, adolescents, youth and adults were sensitized to the cause of the project through lectures, inclusive workshops, accessible theater workshops and other actions. In addition, over 15,484 books have been distributed for free, in accessible formats. Wilson Sons has been a partner of the NGO since 2006
ONG Sonhar Acordado
The Sonhar Acordado (Daydreaming) NGO is an international, non-profit organization that works with institutions, orphanages, nursing homes and hospitals, and which seeks to transform the  lives of needy children through a relationship of friendship with young volunteers. 


Passport for Citizenship
A project linked to the Pastoral do Menor (Catholic Church initiative), the Passport for Citizenship provides a mobile service, with a bus specially adapted to help young people who have become involved with drugs. In 2018, more than 900 children were cared for with actions including the issuance of documents, school and labor market placements, home visits and others.

Brigada Mirim
Founded in 1989 by the residents of Ilha Grande, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, the Brigada Mirim (Children’s Brigade) organization works with young people from ages of 14 through 17. They are dedicated to educational, social and environmental activities that improve society. 
Working with tourists and locals, the projects mission is to preserve nature and make people aware of the importance of taking care of the place where they live.