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HSE (Health, Security and Environment)

HSE (Health, Security and Environment)

Wilson Sons’ businesses strategically highlights the adequate management of Occupational Health, Environment and Occupational Safety (SMS). All of the company's programs in this area are based on the SMS Corporate Policy and its respective guidelines. 

Among these programs, Wilson Sons started a project in 2011 to transform the culture into SMS called WS+, which was supported by DuPont, a company recognized for its methodology all around the world. 
The program aims to transform the organization's safety culture by changing behavior of people as a first step. 

These values are translated into processes of lower risk for the people and the places where they act, as well as the optimization in using resources and in the capacity of individuals.

Focus on human behavior

Effective SMS performance management targets people and their actions regarding compliance with procedures, regulations, and the ability to continuously identify, analyze, and minimize exposure to risks and failures.


SMS recognition

Wilson Sons has become the greatest DuPont Award winner in history in the Occupational Safety and Health Management category, winning in the last four years in which this category was considered.