31/12/1969 - DuPont acknowledges the Wilson Sons health and safety programme

For the third consecutive year, the WS+ Programme is amongst the winners of the DuPont award. The programme’s objective is to manage the health, safety and the environmental culture in Wilson Sons Group companies. On Tuesday 25th, the Group was awarded the 2nd place acknowledging the creation of a methodology for the maintenance and improvement of the program which was implemented in the Group's companies in collaboration with DuPont.

The implementation of WS+ started in 2011 at São Paulo Shipyard. The programme has now been implemented in all  Group's companies. WS+ aimed to create a culture of health and safety by developing an environment that acknowledges the responsibilities of the employees. Discipline in complying with the rules, the concept of ownership and the increasing involvement by the leaders and the management helped to create this environment.

In four years, Wilson Sons has managed to achieve significant progress. Between 2010, the year before the start of the implementation of the programme, and last September, the rate of accidents in the workplace dropped by over 70%. A significant reduction of accidents requiring time off was also observed. Between 2013, which was the year in that the index started to be monitored, and September 2014, the rate dropped by almost 60%, going from 140 to 57 workdays lost for every 1 million hours of exposure to risks. "As we completed implementation in different business units, it became clear that we needed to guarantee that the programme was maintained and improved independently, and this was the moment when the consulting firm DuPont started to help us. To this end, we developed an in-house methodology aimed at ensuring the continuity of this management model based on the analysis of the indicators, reports, documents, procedures and other information regarding health and safety generated by the business units, in addition to periodic audits", explains João David Santos, Wilson Sons corporate HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment) manager.

The methodology for the continuity of the WS+ Programme was first implemented in February 2013. Until now, almost 50 internal audits have been carried out, and the results show that the adherence rate of the business units to the WS+ Programme grew from 60% in 2013 to 76% in 2014.

"The structure that we developed proved to be fully adapted to the different operational and management realities present in Wilson Sons businesses. We managed to efficiently transfer Dupont's technology to Wilson Sons, allowing for the development of internal know-how for maintaining the WS+ Programme", says Santos.

In line with these advances, the Wilson Sons Group is committed to achieve world-class standards in health and safety management before 2022. The objective has been  to reduce  the frequency rate of accidents involving time off work to less than 0.50, as well as exercising an interdependent culture to be upheld by the workforce as a whole.