16/12/2016 - Port of Imbituba has record growth in cargo handling

Constant investments and modernization at the Port of Imbituba, on the South Coast of Santa Catarina, help to explain the 70% in cargo handling over the last three years. Since the state government, through SCPar, took over the Port in December of 2012, it has been this way: the cargo handling rate increases every month.

In March of this year, the Port set a new record: the mark of 504,860 tons of cargo handled. This is the highest mark every recorded in the Port's history. When compared to the same month in 2015, when 232,600 were recorded, the increase was more than 100%.

Compared to the first three months of last year, the Port has practically doubled its cargo handling. This year, the total already comes to 1,341,217 tons (as of March). Last year, in January, February, and March, there were 689,000 tons. Among the main cargoes handled are agricultural grains, such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, as well as minerals.

The president of the Port of Imbituba, Luis Rogério Pupo Gonçalves, explained that this increase is due to a series of investments and modernizations projects. "The condition of the infrastructure that the port has is turning out to be the key differential for attracting new cargoes and different vessels. What we are doing is implementing conditions so that the Port is capable of meeting the market's demand. With that, collaborating with the country and especially Santa Catarina (state) to engage in the economic process and beat this crisis that is temporarily gripping us."

Santa Catarina also has some differentiating factors, because while the production of commodities predominates nationally, in the state, the processing industry stands out. A large part of the inputs used for industrial production arrive through the ports, and it is by means of the port complexes that this production is moved out to the rest of the country and the world.

Source: Portal da Ilha?, via Portos & Navios?, on April 13, 2016 ?

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