16/12/2016 - Port of Santos sets third consecutive monthly record for cargo handling

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In March 2016, the Port of Santos set the third consecutive monthly record for cargo handling. The month of March approached 11 million tons, registering the best monthly mark for any month in the 1st half of the year. In the cumulative total, the 1st quarter of 2016 surpassed the same period of last year by 5.3%, with a total of 27.75 million tons loaded and unloaded.

The result was impacted by the productivity of the soybean complex (beans and meals), which recorded the best monthly result in history for the commodity. Soybeans accounted for nearly half of all exports from the Port of Santos in March, with 4.29 million tons shipped. The total exports in March came to 8.5 million tons (14.9% higher than the same month in 2015). Imports remain in a downward trend in relation to last year, and have recorded a 14.3% drop in the cumulative for the year.

Monthly handling

The most-exported product in March at the Port of Santos, the soybean complex, registered handling of 4.29 million tons, up 45.2 in relation to the same month of last year. Sugar came in second, with 1.33 million tons, down 5% versus March of 2015. The third most-shipped product was woodpulp, with 239,800 tons, down 20.1% in relation to March of 2015. Filling out the ten most handled products are: fuel oil (167,500 tons, down 21.8%), citrus juices (down 1%, handling of 163,200 t), diesel oil (down 27%, 133,9000 t), coffee beans (down 31.6%, 115,600 t), alcohol (-4.1%, 92,200 t), gasoline (84,400 tons, +30.2), and meats (63,800 t, down 23.2 versus March of 2015).

In imports, the products with the largest share were compost, with 204,700 tons moved, a growth of 33% in relation to March of last year. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), known as cooking gas, was the second most-handled products, with 92,100 tons (growth of 96.1%). Filling out the five most handled product in imports: salt (82,600 tons, 6.9% growth versus the same month of last year), caustic soda (19% growth, handling of 77,400 t), and wheat (down 6.9%, 70,500 t).

Cumulative handling for the quarter

The first quarter of 2016 showed growth of 5.3% in cargo handling in relation to the same period of 2015. The data confirms the annual growth of the Port.

Exports reached 20.77 million tons in the first three months of this year, a growth of 14.3% in relation to 2015. The soybean complex, with growth of 32.1%, was the most exported product, followed by sugar and corn. The fourth most exported product in 2016 is woodpulp. Filling out the five most shipped cargoes are citrus juices, which also stand out for having registered growth of 8.9% in relation to 2015.

Imports for the period reached 6.99 million tons, down 14.8%. The most handled product in the 1st quarter of 2016 was compost, with 553,100 tons and growth of 52.8%. In second place was sulfur, with 325,700 t, down 33.4% in relation to the 1st quarter of 2015. Salt recorded an increase of 34.1% and totaled 285,700 tons, coming in 3rd in cumulative handling for the year.

Container handling registered a drop of 8.2% in the cumulative total for the year, with 824,885 TEUs in 2016, versus 898,259 TEUs in 2015. For the month, the reduction was 11.4% (297,233 TEUs in March 2016 and 335,424 TEUs in 2015). The flow of ships registered a drop for the month and in the cumulative result. There were 419 vessels in March 2016, versus 478 in the same month of last year. For the cumulative total, as of March, 2016 registers 1213 vessels, versus 1296 last year.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas, via Portos & Navios, em 25/Apr/2016

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