20/6/2017 - Suape Eadi is licensed to operate Army-controlled cargo

Wilson Sons Logística's Suape Interior Customs Station (Eadi) can store Army-controlled products. The unit was licensed to store up to 226 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, the base substance used in fertilizers, explosives, herbicides, insecticides, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxides and other. The license was issued after inspection and is valid for two years.

"The success of this licensing is the result of the effort of the entire team, in addition to any investment in physical adaptations, according to the legislation (R-105), including the separation of a specific area to receive authorized products from the Army", explains the Wilson Sons Logística’ Northeast Platform manager Alielton Villas Boas.

The manager also mentions that employees are trained to handle the receipt, storage and dispatch of chemicals, including ammonium nitrate. "The qualification of our team is essential to maintain quality and integrity of the loads at our terminals.”

This license is an important differential of Wilson Sons Logística. Eadi Suape is the only customs terminal in Pernambuco with permission to store cargo. The company is already familiar with the transport of chemical cargo, since it has a similar permit in the Southeast branch - Santo André Eadi.

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