07/10/2014 - Wilson Sons increases traffic in the third quarter

Tecon Salvador and Wilson Sons Tugboats were the highlights of the period

The Wilson Sons Group, which is one of the main logistics and port operators in Brazil, saw an improvement in its performance during the third quarter of 2014. The terminals the company operates - Tecon Salvador (BA) and Tecon Rio Grande (RS) - increased their traffic and Wilson Sons Tugboats, which is in possession of the largest port support fleet in the country, carried out more manoeuvres than the previous year.

In the terminals, traffic grew this year by 1.4 % between the months of July and September, reaching 205.5 thousand TEUs (a measure equating to a 20-foot container). As for the total accumulated number for the nine first months of 2014, 739.9 thousand TEUs went through the Tecons, a 10.1% increase.

In the third quarter, Tecon Salvador registered a growth of 3.8%. The terminal moved 79 thousand TEUs between the months of July and September, whereas 76.1 thousand TEUs were exchanged during the same period of 2013. The improvement of performance is explained by a 12% increase in exports, mainly due to cellulose, mining, chemical products and petrochemical shipments. The main destinations for these cargoes were the Far East and North America. The unit has reported a growth of 2.6% this year.

In Rio Grande, Tecon moved 171.5 thousand TEUs during the quarter, in line with the 170.9 thousand TEUs achieved during the same period of the previous year. The total growth for the first nine months was of 13.4%, boosted by fruit and frozen fish transportation from Argentina, as well as coasting trade cargo, which included rice, resins, furniture, tires and wine.

Another business unit that saw a noteworthy increase was Wilson Sons Tugboats, carrying out 14.9 thousand manoeuvres between the months of July and September. In total, an increase of 9.3% above the 13.6 thousand movements carried out in the third quarter of the previous year was achieved. This result was largely due to operations in the Port of Santos, where six tugboats cater to the demands of our clients. Two further vessels were added to the fleet and the start of operations in the state of Pará took place. Other ports that contributed to the performance were Salvador, Pecém and Suape. Manoeuvres increased by 8.3% during the first nine months of 2014.

Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore, which is a joint venture between the Wilson Sons Group and the Chilean group Ultramar, saw a 17% increase in operations, justified by the growth of the company's fleet, which received one new vessel this year.