21/10/2016 - Wilson Sons Logística creates specific services for solar energy

Wilson Sons Logística offers a key service for the photovoltaic sector: handling, storage and even assembly of the panels. This year, the company developed solutions for specific needs of the sector, with different services for centralized solar generation (parks above 5 MW) and distributed micro-generation.

As explained by the company explains, the demands of these segments are different. Centralized generation involves import logistics and the transfer of a large cargo volume to sites where solar parks will be built. According to Wilson Sons, these regions are generally located in remote, hard-to-reach areas, particularly in the Northeast region, and materials need to be transferred in large batches over a limited period of time to meet building schedules for the parks.

The distributed generation operations focus on final consumers, such as residences, industries and condominiums, and demand a series of services involving bonded and domestic warehousing; segregated and customized areas for product storage; specialized teams for the handling of goods; special services such as labeling of consenting bodies, assembly of photovoltaic kits, packaging etc.; and distribution to the final destination.

Today, the consumer market for these operations is located in the Southeast and South regions for the most part, and serving smaller companies, although quite numerous and growing, according to the company.

Wilson Sons expects that, in the short term, the distributed generation market will be five times larger than the centralized generation market. 

Fonte: Brasil Energia