Port of Salvador now has REDEX

  • 07/10/2021
  • 1 minutes

The Wilson Sons Logistics Center in Salvador (BA) has been approved by the Federal Revenue Service to operate as a REDEX (a special area for export customs clearance). The center stores export cargo served by Tecon Salvador, a container terminal in the Port of Salvador.

Now the customs clearance of the cargo can be carried out at the Logistics Center itself through remote conference by the competent authority. In addition, it is possible to count on special handling and storage services, which are carried out according to the needs of each exporter. Only 15km from Tecon Salvador, the cargo will leave the Logistics Center unencumbered, heading to the port for shipment.

Exports have great prominence in Tecon Salvador handling, representing around 29% of the total carried out annually. In the first half, 41,998 TEU were shipped, and the segment is responsible for some of the most frequent cargoes of pulp and paper, chemical products, and tires.

Tecon Salvador is undergoing a new expansion phase and has already completed additional piers and a retro area.