Wilson Sons does unprecedented docking of aluminium ship Aqua Helix at its Shipyard in Guarujá

  • 22/03/2024
  • 5 minutes

Wilson Sons, a leader in port and maritime logistics in Brazil, carried out, this month, at its Shipyard in Guarujá (São Paulo), the docking of Aqua Helix — Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 class — operated by the shipping company CMM Offshore. With cutting-edge technology, the ship results from a collaboration between CMM, Damen, Ampelmann and Internacional Marítima. It underwent scheduled maintenance in Brazil for the first time. The operation involved about 120 professionals at the company’s Shipyard, symbolizing a milestone in the Brazilian shipping industry.

“We have chosen Wilson Sons for its structure, safety and quality of services. Aqua Helix is owned by three companies. The collaboration between Wilson Sons and Damen, which represents more than 90 vessels built and delivered, was key to deciding where to dock the ship”, said CMM CEO Christophe Vancauwenbergh.

Unlike other vessels, Aqua Helix, built by Damen in 2021, is annually docked due to its primary passenger transport function. Intended for the offshore energy industry, the ship is an alternative to helicopter transport of oil rig crews, as it can transfer a greater number of people over longer distances, resulting in less costs and greater operating efficiency.

The vessel has a length overall (LOA) of 73.65 m, 11.01 meters of width and 105 tons. It operates in Aracaju (Sergipe), in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin (SEAL), and can carry 120 passengers. Its ability to operate with biodiesel reflects its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Its aluminium superstructure and hull do not only offer greater speed — up to 40 knots — but also a lightweight and durable structure. This requires specific caution in the docking process, to guarantee the integrity of the structure and materials. Docking services included structural repairs, treatment and painting, to ensure that Aqua Helix may continue to operate safely and efficiently.

Undocking of Aqua Helix had the support of another business unit of Wilson Sons: the Towage division. The tugs WS Castor and the recently baptized WS Dorado, which started operating earlier this month, conducted the manoeuvre. The tugs are part of a project that includes the building of six more sustainable tugboats at the company’s shipyards in Guarujá. Five of them have been delivered since July 2022 (WS Centaurus, WS Orion, WS Rosalvo, WS Castor and WS Dorado), and the last one will be baptized later on this year.

The tugs have 90 tons of bollard pull, and are the first in Brazil following the IMO TIER III standard established by the International Maritime Organization. An innovative hull design leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and an estimated decrease of 14% in the consumption of fossil fuels, supporting the improvement of air quality in the ports where they operate.

“We are proud to welcome Aqua Helix to our Shipyard for a historic docking. This collaboration does not only demonstrate the technical capacity and operational excellence of Wilson Sons, but our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the Brazilian shipping industry”, said the executive director of Wilson Sons’ Shipyard Adalberto Souza, who further noted: “Ensuring the quality of our services is a key part of our operation. We are always looking for the best results for our clients.”

Over the past two years, the scenario has been positive. Between 2022 and 2023, the number of docking operations at the Guarujá Shipyards rose by 33%; and this growth rate is expected to be maintained this year. Wilson Sons shipyards have been operating for over 80 years in the Port of Santos, the largest port facility in Latin America. With two shipyard facilities in Guarujá, totalling 39,000 m² for ship building, conversion, maintenance and repair, Wilson Sons is the only company that owns a dry dock at the Port of Santos, offering pioneering and innovative service solutions.

Source: https://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/wilson-sons-does-unprecedented-docking-of-aluminium-ship-aqua-helix-at-its-shipyard-in-guaruja/