Wilson Sons implements new system at the Santo André Logistics Centre in São Paulo

  • 05/01/2024
  • 4 minutes

Wilson Sons, a leader in port and maritime logistics in Brazil, is implementing at Santo André Logistics Centre (SP) a new management system for its bonded terminal. Developed by the startup LogInfo, which is part of Cubo Maritime & Port (Latin America’s first dedicated hub for port and shipping solutions), the new system optimizes the efficiency of import, export and special customs operations with digital solutions and emphasis on improved usability and more dynamic and precise cargo control.

The new management tool allows Wilson Sons’ clients to have more dynamic control over cargo handling and stock in the Logistics Centre. With advanced real-time tracking and management features, logistics operations become even more transparent and agile, both for the company and its clients. The automotive sector is one of the main beneficiaries of this new type of real-time control, given the just-in-time supply arrangement.

The new platform was carefully designed with a focus on the usability of its interface, offering a more intuitive and effective browsing and operation experience. This technology can be used on smartphones, tablets and other devices. Furthermore, automation significantly streamlines customs processes, saving precious time and resources in the operations.

The collaboration with LogInfo allowed the incorporation of cutting-edge technology solutions and the application of the best industry practices in the development of the new system. The LogInfo tool meets the standards of regulatory authorities, including Brazil’s Internal Revenue Service, Ibama, Anvisa, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and the Army.

The new customs management system for bonded facilities implemented at Santo André Logistics Centre started to be designed over one year ago by LogInfo. The first module of the system, implemented in the second half of 2023, was Remote Inspection, where Internal Revenue officers can inspect cargo remotely, using cameras directly integrated with the system.

Santo André Logistics Centre general manager Thais Sangean says that, with LogInfo, Wilson Sons reaffirms its strategy of investing in innovation and new technologies. “We are helping our clients to boost operational efficiency, thereby supporting domestic and international trade. Companies can benefit from more transparent access to information through a more agile and modern interface”, Thais says.

The general manager also highlights the company’s commitment to fostering innovation in the maritime, port and logistics sector by engaging startups to meet client needs. To strengthen the innovation agenda in this segment, Wilson Sons spearheaded the creation of Cubo Maritime & Port, which completed one year last July with twice as many startups, and forging new international partnerships, with an innovation hub in Singapore, Asia. “This is an important role for us within Cubo Maritime & Port. The startups have won a market leading client, which allows them to increase scale and develop a digital product. In our operations, we have gained speed, flexibility and new technologies with the digital solution, which can then be used in other companies. It’s a win-win partnership,” the executive says.

Source: https://www.ajot.com/news/wilson-sons-implements-new-system-at-the-santo-andre-logistics-centre-in-saeo-paulo