Wilson Sons invests BRL 1.4 million to increase operational efficiency at Rio Grande Container Terminal

  • 14/03/2024
  • 3 minutes

Wilson Sons has just made important investments at Rio Grande Container Terminal (RS). By investing BRL 1.4 million, it plans on increasing operational efficiency through technological initiatives intended to make Rio Grande Container Terminal a benchmark.

The initiatives in place include the Terminal Operation Centre, a strategic action that creates an operational intelligence data analysis cell to promote even more efficient operational planning, resulting in better delivery of yard and ship operations. The infrastructure includes a video wall where key performance indicators (KPIs) are displayed to provide real-time visibility of the operation and management of operational automation. The initiative boosts efficiency and modernization, leads to unified governance of all operating systems, and promotes higher productivity.

The investments also include the creation of a Maintenance Control Centre. This aims to speed up the real-time tracking of assets using the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and increasing data visibility for decision making purposes. The biggest gains include unified equipment telemetry and alerts, maintenance tracking, increased operational safety, a record of analyses and failures, reduction of fixed assets in stock and greater availability of equipment for maintenance.

“For an operation to achieve its objective, it is necessary to pursue the best practices and invest in the latest technologies. The evolution of processes allows us to provide our clients with high-quality services at a greater speed while maintaining the operational efficiency of the business”, explains Giovanni Phonlor, Operations director at Rio Grande Container Terminal.

“These improvements are of utmost importance and can help us in the process of becoming a robust operational hub in the Southern Cone, and the leading and most qualified port and logistics facility in Rio Grande do Sul”, adds Paulo Bertinetti, CEO of Rio Grande Container Terminal.

Rio Grande Container Terminal is the main access route connecting Rio Grande do Sul to Brazil and the world and, over nearly 27 years of operation, it has become a key piece in the economic development of the state. It currently serves over 3,000 importers and exporters, and receives the main shipping lines calling in Brazil, offering weekly services to all trades from 13 shipowners. With a strategic location, Rio Grande Container Terminal has the capacity to operate 1.4 million TEUs and receive New Panamax vessels along its 900-metre pier, with high productivity, technology and automation, making it the best transshipment choice from the Southern Cone.

Source: https://www.datamarnews.com/noticias/wilson-sons-invests-brl-1-4-million-to-increase-operational-efficiency-at-rio-grande-container-terminal/