Wilson Sons invests in Brazilian startup that developed ‘Dynamic Draft’ Technology

  • 17/11/2022
  • 3 minutes

Wilson Sons acquired a minority stake in Argonáutica Engenharia e Pesquisas. This 100% Brazilian startup gained recognition for its ReDraft technology (a system that calculates the dynamic under keel clearance based on the particular characteristics of each ship, access channel, and the environmental conditions at the time of the maneuver) and MeDuSa (a system that optimizes moorings and quay operations, providing predictability and safety, especially in ship-to-ship operations).

With Wilson Sons’ financial injection, the first in the history of the startup, Argonáutica’s objective is to scale up its products and businesses, taking advantage of Wilson Sons’ expertise in the national maritime and port sector. The contribution of capital, along with more active cooperation with Wilson Sons in day-to-day activities, will support Argonáutica in developing its activities, granting greater agility in developing new digital products, in addition to the upkeep of ReDraft and MeDuSa, which are known by the market.

“Investing in Argonáutica is part of our digital strategy that involves engaging with innovative companies, both Brazilian and foreign, always seeking to encourage the use of new technologies to increase the efficiency of maritime and port infrastructure,” said Eduardo Valença, Wilson Sons’ digital transformation director.

Through its dynamic under-keel clearance system, for example, Argonáutica facilities berthing and unberthing operations for larger vessels that carry large volumes of cargo, taking advantage of favorable tidal, wind, and sea current dynamics on time. Thus, in addition to bringing productivity and financial gains, the system reduces fuel consumption, positively affecting the environment and making port operations more sustainable.

“Real-time monitoring of bottom clearance optimizes operations and determines the maximum safe draft of ships in accordance with all due regulations, providing more confidence and sustainability to navigation. Thus, the entire logistics chain gains, increasing competitiveness and contributing to the country’s economic development,” highlighted Valença.

Wilson Sons’ investment in Argonáutica is part of the company’s strategy to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the sector, in addition to investing in efficiency gains in its operations and exploring previously non-existent markets.

Fonte: https://www.datamarnews.com/noticias/wilson-sons-invests-in-brazilian-startup-that-developed-dynamic-draft-technology/