Wilson Sons reports rise in transshipment operations at Rio Grande Container Terminal

  • 14/11/2023
  • 2 minutes

Wilson Sons reported a considerable increase in transshipment operations at Rio Grande Container Terminal (RS). Transshipment consists of connecting two shipping lines by transferring containers between vessels in order to carry cargo to different parts of the world. In October, 10,032 TEUs were handled, representing an increase of 111% compared to the same month last year. Year-to-date increase (January to October) was 41%.

The cargo handling operations included rice, beef, chemicals, wood and food in general. Neighbouring countries Uruguay and Argentina, in addition to Singapore and the United States, accounted for the main origins of goods, while the main destinations were Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States.

Strategically located, the Rio Grande Container Terminal has made, over its 26 years, many investments in quay and yard equipment, reaching the capacity to operate 1.4 million TEUs and receive the largest vessels operating around the world. “Its infrastructure allows us to see results like these. Our berths, 900-m long quay, productivity, technology and automation make us the best transshipment alternative in Southern Brazil “, explains Rodrigo Velho, commercial director of Rio Grande Container Terminal.

“This growth demonstrates our vocation and capacity to operate efficiently, which we clearly presented in a business road-show in Asia in September, when we highlighted the terminal’s distinctive features and our planning for the coming years”, he adds. According to Velho, this expressive result represents the terminal’s capacity to absorb new services promptly. “Rio Grande is ready to further leverage its transshipment volumes, safely and efficiently, by capitalizing on its natural access conditions and cementing its status as a cargo hub”, he says.

Source: https://www.ajot.com/news/article/wilson-sons-reports-rise-in-transshipment-operations-at-rio-grande-container-terminal