Wilson Sons Shipping Agency gets major global anti-corruption certification for the second time

  • 04/09/2021
  • 2 minutes

The Wilson Sons Shipping Agency of Group Wilson sons Group has just renewed the label of Trace International, one of the largest certifications in the world in anticorruption and bribery. The certification was conquered for the first time last year.  

“The certification enhances the credibility of Wilson Sons Shipping Agency in the market. It demonstrates its commitment to ethics and transparency, allowing it to act as a trading partner with the main companies of the segment”, says the executive director of the Wilson Sons Shipping Agency, Christian Von Lachmann. 

Having the seal means having a report in the Trace intermediate directory, a database that goes public for companies to search for potential partners. For the renewal of the certification, the Wilson Sons Shipping Agency underwent an audit, which proved its best practices, in addition to a training focused on bribery practices and anti-corruption carried out by the managers and visitors of the agency, involving in total 72 contributors. 

“To maintain this seal, the company focuses on transparency practices with its customers, suppliers, and governmental authorities”, adds Lachmann. 

The training was carried out via E-learning. Real cases were used to assess the acquired knowledge. All the contributors received a certificate at their conclusion. 

“The conquest of the seal is a consequence of the seriousness of the work carried out by the Company. The Wilson Sons Group has two important tools to help guide the behavior of its employees: the Code of Ethical conduct and the Anti-corruption Guide, which disseminate the moral and ethical values that guide their business”, concludes the director.

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