Wilson Sons Shipyards executes the dry-docking of its largest vessel ever

  • 04/09/2021
  • 2 minutes

Wilson Sons Shipyards began the dry-docking of the oil tanker M.T. Amalthia, the largest vessel ever received in its facilities, with a LOA of 99.6m and 18.0m beam. The operation will last 20 days. The Marshall Islands vessel belongs to the Greek shipowner Medtankers Management and has operated in Santos as a bunker ship since 2011, chartered by Transpetro/Petrobras.

For the executive director of Wilson Sons Shipyards, Adalberto Souza, one of the major challenges is the short timeframe for this dry-docking, given the size of the ship. Souza assures that, despite the challenge, the Shipyard is well prepared. The Shipyard was chosen precisely for its infrastructure, safety record and privileged location.

“We are conducting dry-docking services for M.T. Amalthia and Smit Pareci simultaneously. Considering these two dry-dockings, we have already completed 20 operations of this type this year and we have three more scheduled till the end of 2018,” adds Adalberto Souza.

The executive adds that Wilson Sons Rebocadores, the largest company in the segment in Brazil, did the towage service of the M.T. Amalthia, demonstrating synergy of the businesses. “We maneuvered with the tugboat WS Pegasus to berth the ship alongside the pier. Two days later, we used the tugs Atria and Hadar position her in the dry-dock,” he says.

The current Wilson Sons Shipyard orderbook also contemplates the construction of two tugboats, one for Wilson Sons Rebocadores and one for SAAM SMIT, plus three scheduled dry-dockings till the end of 2018.

Fonte: Wilson Sons