Wilson Sons teams up with Aurora Coop in operations at the Rio Grande and Santa Clara terminals

  • 01/04/2024
  • 4 minutes

Wilson Sons, a leader in port and maritime logistics in Brazil, has a new client operating from Rio Grande Container Terminal and Santa Clara Container Terminal, in Rio Grande do Sul. The food company Aurora Coop began operations this month, exporting processed poultry and pork to Singapore, China, Hong Kong (Asia), Spain (Europe), Panama (Central America), and others. Initially, the cargo includes goods from the Aurora Coop meatpacking plant based in the cities of Erechim, Tapejara and Sarandi.

Aurora Coop has chosen the terminals operated by Wilson Sons especially because of efficient, safe and sustainable operations guaranteed. Besides, it is more cost effective, as Santa Clara Container Terminal offers excellent logistics capacity to transport goods from the State to the terminal and, subsequently, to the whole world. Another high point is logistical diversification and the application of operating practices that lead to reduced impacts on the environment.

Based in Triunfo, Santa Clara Container Terminal conducts integrated operations with Rio Grande Container Terminal. It provides commercial opportunities in Rio Grande do Sul with inland waterway transport. It greatly supports the development of more sustainable logistics projects, as it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rio Grande Container Terminal is the most automated container facility in Brazil. It is based 320 kilometres from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. Its energy is 100% derived from renewable sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and this is ensured by International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs).

Our terminals ensure that goods and inputs produced in Rio Grande do Sul may safely get to all parts of the world, which makes us very proud, especially when we have the chance to collaborate with a company as valuable to our state as Aurora Coop, a major reference in the food industry,” says Paulo Bertinetti, CEO of Rio Grande Container Terminal. “Our clients can rely on operations customized to their needs. To achieve this, we are always updating ourselves with the best and most sustainable logistics alternatives, providing a complete package of solutions,” the CEO says.

“To make sure that all goods reach their destinations with greater efficiency and speed, we need good-quality transport services with a special eye on our needs. Because of that, we have partnered with Wilson Sons and are excited about the possibility of operating from two leading Brazilian terminals such as Rio Grande Container Terminal and Santa Clara Container Terminal”, says Alisson Marcelo de Lima, Customs Clearance Coordinator at Aurora Coop.

Rio Grande Container Terminal is the main access route connecting Rio Grande do Sul to Brazil and the world and, over nearly 27 years of operation, it has become a key piece in the economic development of the state. It currently serves over 3,000 importers and exporters, and receives the main shipping lines calling in Brazil, offering weekly services to all trades from 13 shipowners. With a strategic location, Rio Grande Container Terminal has the capacity to operate 1.4 million TEUs and receive New Panamax vessels along its 900-metre pier, with high productivity, technology and automation, making it the best transshipment choice from the Southern Cone.

Santa Clara Container Terminal invests in the efficiency of waterway transport and adds value to its sustainable footprint. In 2022, Santa Clara was recognized by Brazil’s Ministry of Infrastructure as one of the best facilities in Brazil, in the Portos + Brasil Award, in the category “Container Handling in Private Terminals.”