Work with us

Work with us

Our employees are the protagonists of a successful career!

At Wilson Sons we put our employees first, guaranteeing a healthy and safe work environment to deliver high performance and efficiency.

We believe innovation is about people. Therefore, we work on the professional development of each employee based on collaboration and teamwork. Our team is trained and qualified to meet the demands of the industries in which we operate. Online training, state-of-the-art softwares and artificial intelligence are in the development pipeline of our employees.


 We work with professional challenges that provide an open environment for collaboration and multidisciplinary work. Our team trains on-the-job skills such as emotional control, cognitive flexibility, adaptability and negotiation, through complex problem solving.
 We understand that high performance must be recognised through meritocracy practices. This means that we recognize employees according to their achievements: those with the best results will have more job opportunities, training, among other rewards.

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