Ports of Salvador and Rio Grande are the most efficient in the country, according to global container performance index from the World Bank and IHS Markit

  • 18/03/2022
  • 5 minutes

Container terminals operated by Wilson Sons celebrate results and look to the future

This month, the Wilson Sons container terminals are commemorating: 22 years operating in
Salvador (BA) and 25 years in Rio Grande (RS). Besides this double anniversary, the company
also celebrates the good position of these ports, the most efficient in Brazil, according to the
rankings of the Global Container Port Performance Index (CPPI), released by the World Bank
and IHS Markit. The two port complexes are the only Brazilian representatives to appear
among the top 50 in the world. The index analysed more than 300 installations on all
continents and used data from the world’s largest shipowners, responsible for 76% of the
global movement of containers.

“The investments and our performance, focused on the experience of our clients over more
than two decades, have made us among the most competitive container terminals in South
America. These achievements prove that we are ready for the future, always focusing on
people, efficiency and sustainable development,” celebrates Arnaldo Calbucci, Wilson Sons’
Vice President of Operations.

The CPPI was built based on two different methodologies: the administrative approach, which
reflects the knowledge and judgement of experts; and the statistical approach, using factor
analysis. The Port of Salvador is the only Brazilian representative to appear among the top 50
in the world, according to the statistical approach. The Port of Rio Grande was considered the
most efficient in Brazil in the administrative approach, listed among the world’s TOP 50.

Tecon Salvador
Wilson Sons has invested more than R$ 900 million in Tecon Salvador since 2000, with R$ 443
million in the last two years alone. With the recent expansion of the berth, which went from
377 metres to 800 metres, the terminal will be able to receive, simultaneously, two “New
Panamax” ships, the largest container vessels in the world, a trend in world trade.

“We are very proud to contribute throughout these 22 years with the Port of Salvador, the
original branch of Wilson Sons founded in 1837, now recognized as a strategic element for
attracting investment and new business to Bahia. With a wide area of influence composed of
states in the North, Northeast and Southeast, we aim to develop and provide high value
solutions for our customers and community, in a sustainable and innovative way,” says Demir
Lourenço, executive director of Tecon Salvador.

The good performance is also translated into numbers. In 2021, the Wilson Sons business unit
presented a growth of 10% in cargo handling in relation to 2020. During last year, it handled
376.400 TEUs, the highest volume ever handled since the beginning of the unit’s activities.

Tecon Rio Grande
Since the beginning of its operations in 1997, Tecon Rio Grande has handled 8.5 million
containers, which corresponds to 14.2 million TEUs. It has been making a series of
investments and improvements, consolidating itself as one of the most important terminals
in the country.

The terminal has invested in the containerization of cargo traditionally transported in bulk,
with projects such as the stuffing of logs and wheat, in addition to promoting the import of
fertiliser in containers. The exportation of animal protein and plywood from Uruguay via the
Port of Rio Grande is another initiative of the unit. In 2021, Wilson Sons recorded a growth of
226% in cargo coming from the neighbouring country, compared to the same period in 2020.

“The investments and dedication made throughout this time have allowed us to reach the
position of one of the most competitive container terminals in South America. Completing 25
years represents an important achievement for us and for the economic and social
development of Rio Grande do Sul,” says Paulo Bertinetti, CEO of Tecon Rio Grande.

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest integrated operator of port and maritime logistics in the Brazilian
market, with over 180 years of experience. The company has national coverage and offers
complete solutions for more than 2,000 customers, including shipowners, importers and
exporters, oil and gas industry, renewable energy projects, agribusiness sector, and other
participants in various segments of the economy.

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