Wilson Sons completes its corporate restructuring with shares traded on B3’s Novo Mercado

  • 22/11/2021
  • 3 minutes

The company streamlines its corporate structure and expands access to the capital markets

Rio de Janeiro, 25 October 2021 – Wilson Sons shares are now traded on Novo Mercado of B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (B3), with the code PORT3. The company has been listed after its restructuring in which the former Wilson Sons Limited (WSL) was incorporated by its subsidiary, Wilson Sons Holdings Brasil S/A (WS S/A), to streamline and optimize its corporate structure, increase stock liquidity, and expand access to the capital markets.

One of the oldest companies operating in Brazil, founded 184 years ago in Salvador, Bahia, Wilson Sons is the largest port and maritime integrated logistics operator in the country. The PORT3 trading code on Novo Mercado was chosen to make it easier for investors to associate the company with the industry in which it operates.

The restructuring was approved by the WSL Board of Directors, regulatory authorities, and finally by the shareholders of both companies on the 22nd of October.

“We believe this move will unlock significant value for all our stakeholders, and it is in line with Wilson Sons’ bicentennial commitment to fostering the development and competitiveness of Brazil”, says Fernando Salek, CEO of the company.

Wilson Sons’ was already listed on the Brazilian stock exchange market through Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs) sponsored by WSL. With the approval of the transaction, all shareholders and holders of WSL’s BDRs received shares of WS S/A, listed on B3’s Novo Mercado, in the same proportion.

“The direct listing on Novo Mercado reinforces our commitment to the best governance practices,” adds Salek.

In addition to the benefits above, the transaction also seeks to facilitate the attraction of investors and financers, as well as the development of the company’s business portfolio.

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