Wilson Sons enhances pioneering technology and expands coverage in Brazilian ports

  • 13/04/2022
  • 3 minutes

Partnership with Israeli start-up DockTech completes one year, with plans for expansion

After a year of partnership with DockTech, Wilson Sons is expanding the coverage of the
seabed monitoring technology developed by the start-up to the main national ports. A
pioneering solution in the Brazilian market, which makes it possible to understand the
occurrence and pattern of siltation in ports from data collected by echo sounders on the
company’s tugboats.

“In March, we concluded the integration of all our tugboats to the system, collecting the
depth data in the 25 Brazilian ports in which we operate,” says Eduardo Valença,
commercial and digital solutions manager of the Wilson Sons’ Tugboat Division. Eduardo
explains also that the goal is to create new features to meet the demands of each
customer and encourage the local development of the solution.

In this sense, in December last year, Wilson Sons and DockTech signed an important
technical cooperation agreement with the Santos Port Authority (SPA) for the
improvement and use of technology in this port. “Having the largest port complex in
Latin America as a strategic partner in the improvement of the tool is very significant for
us,” says Eduardo.

DockTech’s digital twin technology uses the depth readings from Wilson Sons’ tugboats
to create a dynamic virtual representation of the seabed. By analysing this data with
algorithms based on artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify the occurrence of
silting, anticipate dredging needs and ensure greater navigational safety.

“The world’s port infrastructure still does not have instruments capable of monitoring
the depth of navigation channels in real time. DockTech’s solution makes it possible to
make this measurement dynamically and thus avoid restrictions on operational draft, in
addition to increasing navigational safety and optimising the resources invested in
dredging,” explains Uri Yoselevich, co-founder and CEO of DockTech.

Wilson Sons has a minority stake in DockTech and an exclusive commercial agreement
with the company for implementation in Brazilian ports. The investment is part of the
company’s strategy to foster innovation and the development of port and maritime

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest integrated operator of port and maritime logistics in the
Brazilian market, with over 180 years of experience. The Company has national coverage
and offers complete solutions for more than two thousand customers, including
shipowners, importers and exporters, oil and gas industry, renewable energy projects,
agribusiness sector, and other participants in various segments of the economy.

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