Wilson Sons, Hidrovias do Brasil and Santos Brasil hold unprecedented event to discuss industry prospects

  • 01/12/2022
  • 8 minutes

The companies, which are listed on B3’s Novo Mercado segment, discussed
expectations in the areas of ports, shipping and logistics

For the first time in the history of the Brazilian financial market, Wilson
Sons (PORT3), Hidrovias do Brasil (HBSA3) and Santos Brasil (STBP3), which
are listed on the Novo Mercado segment of the Brazilian stock exchange (B3),
have gathered to present their strategies and prospects on the port, shipping and
logistics sectors to capital market analysts.
The unprecedented initiative called “Port & Maritime Equities Day Brazil
2022” was attended by domestic and international investors, Brazilian and foreign
investment bank professionals, as well as independent equity research analysts.
Aimed at the financial community, the event was held in person at Cubo Itaú, in
São Paulo, and broadcast live to an online audience.
The executives discussed four main topics: “The contribution of the
logistics sector to the country’s economic growth;” “The importance of waterways
as a sustainable and competitive alternative for exporting commodities originating
in Brazil;” “The advantages of waterway transportation and the benefits of BR do
Mar;” “The reorganisation of global logistics chains and the opportunities for
Fernando Salek, Wilson Sons’ CEO, said that ports and shipping are the
backbone of the global economy with 90% of international trade being carried by
sea. In the case of Brazil, Salek pointed out that in 2021 exports and imports
shipped by sea and waterways exceeded R$ 2 trillion, equivalent to 25% of the
country’s GDP.
“The country’s economic performance relies on its port infrastructure. The
sector also plays a key social role by creating jobs, connecting the country and
significantly impacting port communities”, said Salek, adding that Brazil has
ample waterway potential to be explored. “It boasts nearly 50,000 kilometers of
navigable rivers and over 7,000 kilometers of coastline with a great vocation for
transporting cargo and passengers”.
Fabio Schettino, CEO of Hidrovias do Brasil, sees opportunities in the
development of infrastructure through waterway transport and in the
diversification of the country’s logistics matrix. “In countries of continental dimensions such as Brazil, the solution for logistical competitiveness lies in
multimodality. The country has an immense waterway network that can be much
more explored, facilitating the transport of large loads while generating jobs,
preserving the environment and promoting the qualification of workforce in the
surrounding communities”, the executive says.
The CEO of Santos Brasil, Antonio Carlos Sepúlveda, points out that
global logistics has been tested in recent years and many challenges have been
posed. “Brazil was resilient and the industry continued to invest, earning Brazilian
foreign trade a prominent position worldwide”, he says.

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest integrated provider of port and maritime logistics in
Brazil with a business trajectory of 185 years defined by solidity, ethical conduct
and business diversification. The company has a relevant nationwide footprint
offering comprehensive solutions to more than five thousand active clients
ranging from shipowners, importers and exporters, players in the energy and
agribusiness industries, as well as other participants in various sectors of the
economy. Learn more at: wilsonsons.com.br

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About Santos Brasil
Santos Brasil is a reference in port and logistics operations. It was founded 25
years ago to operate Tecon Santos (SP), the largest and most efficient container
terminal in South America. During this period, it has invested more than R$ 9
billion, calculated at present value, in acquisitions, expansions, new equipment
and technology, supporting the development of Brazilian foreign trade.
It operates nationally through ten strategically located terminals — three for
containers (Tecon Santos in SP, Tecon Imbituba in SC and Tecon Vila do Conde
in PA), one for vehicles in Santos, three for general cargo (one in Imbituba and
two leased in Santos, on the right bank of the port) and three for liquid bulk in
Itaqui (MA). Through Santos Brasil Logística, which operates in an integrated manner with the terminals, it offers complete solutions, from port to e-commerce
operations, to its more than 9,400 clients.
Santos Brasil is listed on the Novo Mercado segment of B3 stock exchange, the
highest standard of corporate governance; a signatory of the United Nations
Global Compact, signed by companies focusing on progress in sustainability; and
is part of the S&P/B3 ESG index. It is certified by GPTW as one of the best
companies to work for, for the fourth consecutive year. More information available
at: www.santosbrasil.com.br

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About Hidrovias do Brasil
Hidrovias do Brasil is an integrated waterway logistics company based in South
America. It operates at four logistics sites. To the North (Itaituba-Barcarena,
Pará), the company offers a logistic solution for the transport and distribution of
grains originating mainly in Mato Grosso and Pará for export. The company is a
market leader with capacity to handle 7.2 million tons per year. Through coastal
shipping, iron ore, especially bauxite, also originating in Pará for export, is
transported. To the South, the company operates on the Paraguay-Paraná
Waterway, with capabilities to handle nearly 6 million tons/year of a wide range
of products, such as grains from Paraguay for export, iron ore from Corumbá,
heading for Argentina and for export, in addition to fertilizers, pulp, and others.
The Company is also the lessee of the STS20 area at the Port of Santos, intended
for receiving, storing and shipping salt and fertilizers, with capacity for 3.5 million
tons per year.
Hidrovias do Brasil was founded in 2010 and in 2020 it made its IPO in Brazil,
when it was listed on the Novo Mercado segment of B3 — demonstrating its high
standard of corporate governance. Further information can be found at

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