Wilson Sons releases podcast with relevant topics
for the port and shipping sector

  • 25/05/2022
  • 3 minutes

This Tuesday, May 24th, Wilson Sons releases Connect Podcast. The purpose of this
platform is to create relevant content for port and shipping clients and players. The first
episode of Connect Podcast — The LNG Market in Brazil — will highlight the
importance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for generating investments in the country.

Connect Podcast will hit the main streaming platforms once a month, with interesting
business topics, such as innovation, shipbuilding, commodities, and others. The target
audiences include shipping players. Wilson Sons intends to add value by delivering
content that is relevant to the daily routine of this audience. The podcast will be hosted
by Wilson Sons digital transformation director Eduardo Valença, and Wilson Sons
towage commercial director Elísio Dourado.

The first episode will feature Lucas Buranelli, manager of terminals at Centrais Elétricas
de Sergipe — CELSE; Carolina Von Lachmann, business development manager at Gas
Natural Açu — GNA; and Georges Barthel Crisostomo, director of operations at New
Fortress Energy. The topics to be discussed include the analysis of the main LNG
projects and their impacts on the Brazilian scenario, the expansion to different regions,
and companies’ stance on the growth of this market. To listen to the podcast, visit:

“By releasing Connect Podcast, we are looking to present important issues to enrich
the debate on strategic shipping issues. The choice of the podcast format, to
strengthen our relationship with clients and business partners, was based on research
that identified the massive use of this media by the targeted audience in the pursuit of
expanded knowledge and new content,” explains Wilson Sons digital transformation
director Eduardo Valença.

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest integrated port-shipping logistics operator in Brazil, with over
180 years of experience. The company operates all across Brazil and offers complete
solutions to more than 5,000 clients, including shipowners, importers and exporters, oil
& gas companies, renewable energy projects, agribusiness corporations, and other
players in different businesses.

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