Wilson Sons sees opportunities for the Shipping Agency in the grain market

  • 10/05/2022
  • 5 minutes

Increased production and heated external demand should increase exports in 2022, according to sector entities

Owner of the largest independent shipping agency in Brazil, Wilson Sons seeks to expand its
service offerings for exporters and importers in the grain market. The expectation for the next
harvest is a growth of 5.4%, an increase of 13.8 million tons in relation to the previous cycle,
according to company projections.

“It is a promising market, and we are aware of the opportunities. Brazil is a large grain
producer. Allied to this we have a scenario of heated external demand, with high commodity
prices,” says Stephanie Pires, commercial analyst for the Shipping Agency. Wilson Sons
managed 75 ships in 2021, in nine ports, which transported 3,685,350 tons of grain, being
3,150,382 tons for export and 534,968 tons for import.

In the first two months of this year, reports the analyst, soybean were the exports, 324% more
when compared to the same period in 2021. Data from the National Association of Cereal
Exporters (ANEC) shows that Brazil will sell, in 2021, more than 86 million tons of the
commodity to other countries, 5.2% more than in 2020. Nearly 17 million tons of soy meal
were also exported, 0.37% more than the previous year.

China is the main trading partner of Brazilian agribusiness and the largest buyer of soybeans.
“When we talk about the Chinese market, we need to be strategic commercially, considering
that for some years now they have been a strong commercial partner of Brazil, especially
when it comes to food, and the grain logistics chain is inserted in this scenario. Having a
Chinese commercial representative is part of this strategy because it facilitates direct contact,
as well as communication in Mandarin”, says Luiz Maluza, commercial manager of the Agency.
To respond to the growth in demand, the Wilson Sons Shipping Agency has been preparing
itself. Today, it has partner agencies outside the country, which provide privileged
information from the most important foreign port complexes. The Market Intelligence team
also produces and sends weekly reports to customers with the numbers of grain exports and
imports of all Brazilian ports.

Wilson Sons has also developed WS Connect, an application in which the client can access all
the information about the operation (dates, unloading conditions, documents and photos),
check ship schedules, port manuals, grain statistics reports, and relevant news from the
Brazilian port terminals.

“The dynamics of the grain market requires a constant and complete delivery of information,
and for this we seek to analyze the most assertive way to provide our services. We are always
moving according to the needs of our customers. “, says Flávia Carvalho, general manager of
Agency Services.

The Shipping Agency is the oldest business unit of Wilson Sons, founded 184 years ago. The
division is present in the main Brazilian ports, with 18 of its own branches. In 2021, they
attended more than 1,730 calls, in various segments such as ore, coal, steel, sugar, grain,
fertilizers, chemicals and liquids.

About Wilson Sons

Wilson Sons is the largest integrated operator of port and maritime logistics in the Brazilian
market, with over 180 years of experience. The Company has national coverage and offers
complete solutions for more than two thousand customers, including shipowners, importers
and exporters, oil and gas industry, renewable energy projects, agribusiness sector, and other
participants in various segments of the economy.

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