Wilson Sons’ shipping agency completes unprecedented operations for Ream, an Atem Group company

  • 30/05/2023
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The company provides coastal shipping services, carrying petrol from Manaus
to Santos and Paranaguá, and ship-to-ship exports from Salvador to

Wilson Sons, operator of the largest independent shipping agency in
Brazil, completed two unprecedented operations for Ream Participações, a
subsidiary of the Atem Group that manages the well-known Isaac Sabbá
Refinery, better known as Refinaria de Manaus, strengthening their partnership.
The Atem Group has been a Wilson Sons client since 2016, however, this is the
first deal between Brazil’s largest port and maritime logistics operator and Ream,
which emerged after Atem acquired the Petrobras refinery in August 2021.

The sale was concluded at the end of last year, and Ream took over
operations of the Manaus Refinery on December 1, 2022.

In January of this year, Wilson Sons attended Ream’s first cabotage
vessel, M/T “Largo Eden”, at the Private Use Terminal (TUP) on the banks of the
Rio Negro River, in Manaus.

The vessel transported 27,000 tons of petrol to terminal facilities in Santos (São
Paulo) and Paranaguá (Paraná). The Shipping Agency provided assistance with
documentary, bureaucratic and operating procedures, and coordinated the
loading in Manaus and unloading in Santos and Paranaguá, as well as
coordinating other services while the vessel stayed in Brazilian ports. These
services included fuel and water supply and parcel delivery.

“We are honoured with Ream’s choice for our services. It is a player of
growing importance and has been cementing its performance in multiple
terminal facilities in Brazil. Watching the Atem Group grow even further with the
incorporation of the Manaus Refinery, and being able to serve Ream on this first
cabotage vessel is highly pleasing for all of us, and punctuates our commitment
to providing quality services and ensuring client satisfaction. Atem is a Group
that has been growing a lot and expanding its footprint across Brazil, therefore,
having them as clients and partners is very important,” says Carolina Andrade,
commercial specialist at Wilson Sons’ Shipping Agency.

In February, Wilson Sons attended Ream’s first ship-to-ship operation in
Salvador. Approximately 33,000 cubic metres of VLSFO (very low sulphur fuel
oil), a petroleum product, were transferred from the shuttle tanker M/T “Horizon
Thetis” to the mother ship M/T “Greenway”. That was the first export ship-to-ship
operation within the bay of Baía de Todos-os-Santos, which then departed for
Singapore. Wilson Sons attended the operation from end to end. It supported the
client on documentary affairs, and took care of the scope of operations, adding
safety and expertise to the business.

“Wilson Sons has been instrumental in logistics operations in Northern
Brazil. This collaboration is even more important if we consider the complexity
of the local scenario and the need for constant advice from a reliable and
reputable shipping agent. Besides, Wilson Sons’ influential performance
allowed us to further expand our business to other markets,” says Stanley Wei,
coordinator of foreign trade at Ream.

Wilson Sons’ activity in two of Ream’s new projects ensured the safety and
efficiency of the operations. The company has demonstrated its ability to operate
in different scenarios and cemented its status as the client’s first choice in largescale projects. Wilson Sons is prepared to meet Ream’s demand and assist it in
future challenges in the local and Brazilian logistics chain.

Founded 22 years ago and present in 14 states, the Atem Group has
companies in the fields of fuel, road and river logistics, shipbuilding and others.
The main one is Atem Distribuidora de Petróleo, which has more than 300
franchised service stations and 8 active distribution centres, handling more than
5 billion litres of fuel per year.

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest port-shipping logistics operator in Brazil, with
over 185 years of experience. The company operates across Brazil and offers
complete solutions to more than 5,000 clients, including shipowners, importers
and exporters, the offshore energy industry, renewable energy projects,
agribusiness corporations, and other players in different businesses.

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