Wilson Sons’ Shipping Agency scales up services to ships carrying  fertilisers  

  • 17/06/2024
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Soybean, corn and sugar cane crops are some of the main destinations for imported  products that are key to Brazilian agribusiness 

six months its Shipping Agency posted a 2% increase in services to ships carrying  fertilisers, which are a key piece in Brazil’s agribusiness. In the first quarter of 2024, the  company delivered an impressive performance in potassium chloride imports. It is an  essential nutrient for Brazilian soil, used in important crops, such as soybeans, corn and  sugar cane. Imports into Brazil grew by 6%, totalling 2 .5 million tons in the period.  Additionally, Wilson Sons increased services to ships carrying urea and ammonium  sulphate, fertilisers widely used in corn and wheat crops, by more than 30%. 

Agribusiness is a strategic industry for Wilson Sons. Its Shipping Agency relies on a team  especially dedicated to the fertiliser segment, which is currently expanding. Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of soybeans and corn, and has been increasing imports of  fertilisers to serve agribusiness. Last year alone, 39.43 million tons of fertilisers were  imported, totalling about US$ 25 billion, according to the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC). Import expectations for this year are around  44 million tons, which means an increase of over 20% in the past five years. The largest  consumers of these fertilisers are the farms based in the states of Mato Grosso, Goiás,  Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, followed by São Paulo and Minas Gerais. 

For more than two decades, the Shipping Agency has been offering personalized  customer service in the market of fertilisers, operating in the main ports along the Brazilian  coast. Over the last 12 months ending in March, 19% of services to ships carrying  fertilizers were delivered in northern ports, including Itaqui (MA), Vila do Conde (PA) and  Santarém (PA), responsible supplying most Midwestern states. Wilson Sons’ business  unit also has a strong presence in the ports of Santos (SP), Paranaguá (PR), Rio Grande  (RS), Vitória (ES) and Salvador (BA), with exclusive representatives in Europe and its  own office in Shenzhen, China, to serve clients.  

“We have an experienced team specializing in different types of ships and commodities,  such as the fertiliser segment, as we understand the relevance of agribusiness for the  Brazilian economy, one of the world’s breadbaskets. Therefore, we study our clients’  unique features and needs, and offer effective solutions to their main challenges and  logistical bottlenecks”,

says Ursula Schmitz, commercial specialist at Wilson Sons’  Shipping Agency.  

Client-oriented platform covers 40 ports, 110 container terminals and 230 berths in  Brazil 

The Shipping Agency has an exclusive client-oriented platform called WS Connect. It  represents a significant advance in data management and market intelligence for large  global companies. Even before berthing, clients can track their ship in real time through  the online tool, and view documents, photos and videos of the operation. This tool  establishes a comprehensive network of agents and port authorities in 40 ports, 110  container terminals and 230 berths throughout Brazil, providing valuable information and  market analyses. 

Clients can access the line-up of all ports and analyse statistics with historical data not  only for the fertiliser segment, but also for grains and sugar, and others. The platform  continuously collects and updates data, including ship operations, port restrictions and  market information. This information is used to create interactive, dynamic and personalized statistics and reports, providing analyses and a comprehensive view of port  operations and commodities.

“All information is in one place, that is, WS Connect, also available via mobile app, reflects  Wilson Sons’ commitment to operational and technological excellence by offering  analyses for clients’ strategic decisions. Furthermore, the clients’ documentary process is  conducted by a specialized team in a centralized manner, aiming to guarantee more  efficient and cohesive processes, according to the unique features of each location and  each segment,”

says Tássia Lima, commercial specialist at the Shipping Agency. 

About Wilson Sons 

Wilson Sons is the largest port-shipping logistics operator in Brazil, with over 186 years  of experience. The company operates across Brazil and offers complete solutions to more  than 5,000 clients, including shipowners, importers and exporters, offshore energy  industry, renewable energy projects, agribusiness corporations, and other players in  different businesses. Click here to learn more. 

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