Wilson Sons, supported by Argonáutica, implements a new management system in its Tugboat Operation Centre (COR)

  • 19/07/2023
  • 7 minutes

With the new technology developed by the startup, the company increases the
efficiency, safety and sustainability of its fleet in Brazilian ports

Wilson Sons, a leader in port and maritime logistics in Brazil, implemented a new
operating system developed by Argonáutica in its Tugboat Operation Centre
(COR), set up 12 years ago in Santos (São Paulo). Focusing on operational
efficiency, safety and sustainability, the new operating system, called ArTeMIS
(Argonáutica’s Traffic Management Information System), has just started to
conduct real-time monitoring of the company’s fleet of 81 tugboats — Brazil’s
largest and most modern fleet — along the Brazilian coast.

The new solution is part of Wilson Sons’ strategy of investing in the development
of digital solutions in close connection with startups in the maritime and port
business, as well as to encourage the adoption of new technologies to increase
the efficiency and productivity of the country’s infrastructure.

“Conceived by Argonáutica, ArTeMIS is a highly relevant digital product with great
potential for penetration in Brazil’s port industry. It is already connected to more
than 25 AIS antennas set up along the coast, while integrating maritime and
meteo-oceanographic traffic data, through which our COR will monitor all
manoeuvres carried out by tugboats at multiple ports across Brazil”, explains
director of Digital Transformation at Wilson Sons Eduardo Valença, who further
adds: “This system has been developed not only to manage Wilson Sons’ fleet,
but also to support many other companies in this industry”.

ArTeMIS was born to improve navigation safety while saving fuel and mitigating
the risk of accidents by using areas that are more suitable for shipping operations.
With the new solution, the tugboat captain will have access to pre-set alarms in
emergency situations. Also, integration with external data sources provides, for
example, monitoring of hyperlocal meteorological conditions, such as tide,
current and wind, and an overview of how these variables affect towage
operations, productivity and safety.

“ArTeMIS represents a significant improvement to the management of Wilson
Sons’ tugboat fleet. The company, a pioneer in controlling vessel speed, now
uses this new tool to monitor other operating parameters, optimising, for example,
tugboat operations, positioning and utilisation. Among other advantages, we can
reduce fuel consumption, generate positive effects on the environment and add
sustainability to port operations in the country”, emphasises the director of
Towage Operations at Wilson Sons, Rodrigo Bastos.

“ArTeMIS is an innovative product that draws upon Argonautica’s expertise in the
development of highly complex digital products for shipping and port operations,
combined with Wilson Sons’ experience and knowledge in the management and
operation of its vast fleet of tugboats” , points out Guilherme Rosetti, co-founder
of Argonáutica, who adds: “ArTeMIS has emerged with the aim of enhancing and
scaling up Argonáutica’s digital products, including ReDRAFT and MeDuSa,
making sure that our clients enjoy many features in a single system”.

As Wilson Sons believes that technology and startups can leverage productivity
and the development of maritime and port infrastructure, it acquired, at the end
of last year, a minority stake in Argonáutica, a Brazilian startup.

Argonáutica is the startup that developed ReDRAFT, which calculates dynamic
under-keel clearance based on the characteristics of the vessels and waterways,
considering the environmental conditions during each manoeuvre, and MeDuSa,
which optimises berthing and quay operations for greater ship mooring
predictability and safety, especially in ship-to-ship operations. ArTeMIS is one
more digital product that the startup has developed in favour of more modern,
more sustainable and safer traffic management.

Based in São Paulo and with more than 180 projects implemented, Argonáutica
was founded by four naval engineering PhDs from the University of São Paulo
(USP): Guilherme Feitosa Rosetti, Felipe Ruggeri, Rafael de Andrade Watai, and
Rodrigo Sauri Lavieri. In addition to new solutions for port operations, such as
ReDraft, in operation at the ports of Santos (São Paulo), Rio de Janeiro,
Salvador, Suape (Pernambuco), Port of Açu (Rio de Janeiro) and Portocel
(Espírito Santo), the company is also in the oil & gas industry.

About Wilson Sons
Wilson Sons is the largest port-shipping logistics operator in Brazil, with over 185
years of experience. The company operates across Brazil and offers complete
solutions to more than 5,000 clients, including shipowners, importers and
exporters, the offshore energy industry, renewable energy projects, agribusiness
corporations, and other players in different businesses.

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