We are pioneers in commercial cell focused on cabotage!

Tecon Salvador was the first container terminal in Brazil to create a commercial cell dedicated to cabotage. For six years, investments have been made in a transport modal that provides more sustainability, greater safety, lower risk of damage and reduced cost.

With a wide sea coast, Brazil is a country that offers privileged conditions for the use of the modal. There are approximately 8,500 km of navigable coast, and another 10,000 km including the Amazon River.

To strengthen the relationship with shippers and improve the flow of information between the port operator, cargo owners and shipping company, we have structured the Cabotage Commercial Cell, with professionals located in Salvador and São Paulo.

Main advantages of cabotage over road transport:
  • Reduction in freight costs, on average 20% lower;
  • Cargo security;
  • Reduction of road accidents, theft and breakdowns;
  • Lower environmental impact, with emission around 90% less of CO²