Infrastructure Tecon Salvador

Infrastructure Tecon Salvador

Since 2000, the company has been making constant investments in infrastructure, to offer services with more quality, security and speed, as well as opening more space for new solutions and conquests.

Pier installation

CAIS 1 -  Cais Água de Meninos
Pier installation

Água de Meninos Dock

  • 800 metres long
  • 15 metres of draught
  • 6 portainers of the post-Panamax type

Ligação Dock

  • 240 metres long
  • 12 metres of draught
  • 3 Panamax portainers

Patio Equipment:

  • 14 RTGs, of which 6 are of totally electric operation
  • 6 reach stackers and 3 top loaders
  • 32 yard tractors


  • Bonded warehousing with around 7,000 drive-in positions
  • About 700 reefer power points
  • 7 fork-lift trucks
  • About 7,000 drive-in positions
  • SPARCS/NAVIS operations management systems

General Warehouse and Depot

  • There is a total usable area of 83,000 m²
  • The distance between the Depot and the Terminal is 15 km (9 miles)
  • Area for PTI and Inspection
  • Machine and structure workshop
  • Storage for empties.
  • 8 Empty Container Forklifts - Side Loaders
  • 2 Forklifts - pequenos porte
  • 4 Yard tractors
  • Approximately 100 cold-storage sockets


  •  This is the only terminal in Brazil with an exclusive roadway connecting it with the BR-324 motorway which goes to the Port of Salvador
  •  An expressway with one lane reserved for lorries


  • Mooring Window for ships
  • Gate Scheduling – pickup and delivery of cargo
  • Consultations: booking, containers, vehicles and DTA processes online
  • Client Portal
  • Developed and implemented the  rst Client Portal in the North and Northeast of Brazil
  • E ciency and security on making all terminal services available on an on-line platform
  • Dynamism and practicality on checking the presence of cargo through the Internet
  • Speed and facility for calculation estimation.

General Warehouse

  • Machine for packing in containers
  • Total area of 5,000 m²
  • Expertise in stuffi ng of grain
  • Warehouse area of 1,000 m²
  • Only 15 km (9 miles) from the Port
  • Scales for weighing at the point of loading