Tecon Salvador carries out its activities based on a solid policy of sustainability. The Terminal is in line with the corporate policy of Wilson Sons contributing to the society in which it operates.

Preservation of the Environment

Due to the strict commitment from Tecon Salvador with the preservation of the Environment, were implemented in the terminal severe policy for disposal of wastes and several actions to reduce the generation of such wastes and its correct disposal, in compliance with the environmental legislation.

Project Praia Limpa

The Clean Beach Project is in its fifth edition and is one of the terminal's initiatives to preserve the environment. In partnership with other business units of Wilson Sons, volunteers come together to make a cleanup and garbage collection effort in Salvador beaches.
In total, the project has already collected more than 500 kg of garbage and 400 cigarette butts.


All handling equipments in the yard are from time to time checked and inspected in order to reduce as much as possible the number of emissions.
The new RTGs acquired in the expansion process are electrical, thus stopping producing in one year the gas emissions of greenhouse effect equivalent to the burning of 26 thousand trees from the Atlantic Forest.