Brasil Offshore lead to incentive and results to the oil or gas market

  • 09/04/2020
  • 5 分钟

The numbers are impressive: R$ 1.5 billion in business. Having completed its 20th year of operation in 2019, Brasil Offshore confirmed its vocation as a major stage for the oil and gas industry.

Last year, the fair celebrated its 10th edition and was marked by the rewarming up of the sector and by positive projections in view of the success of the last auctions, besides a defined schedule with new rounds set up until 2021.

As its main objective, the event aimed to strengthen the network of suppliers and prepare them to meet the demands and projects of the operators winning the auctions, offering a highly technical environment with unique opportunities for networking, business, and professional improvement. During four days in July, companies active in the trade — such as operators, suppliers, builders, and integrators, among others — were gathered.

The Wilson Sons was present at the event, networking and providing its services for the Offshore area. Brasil Offshore took place between the 25th and the 28th of June 2019, from 2pm to 9pm, at the Roberto Marinho Convention Center, in Macaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

As expected, it was an excellent opportunity for the market’s professionals and companies to expand their knowledge about new technologies and solutions within the exploration and production chain.

These are some of the services offered by the Wilson Sons: providing all the necessary documentation for entering and leaving platforms in Brazilian ports; providing certificates such as CTS, AIT, AJB, mooring and anchoring requests, and Notice to Mariners; monitoring ANVISA visits for renewal of Free Practice and Sanitary Inspection Certificates; contacting the authorities for units to enter ports or anchorage; and more.

Since the auction calendar was resumed, Brazil has projected more than R$ 600 million in investments for the next seven years in Macaé, which may result in more than 10,000 jobs. The promising scenario brought positive projections, and Petrobras alone has already announced R$ 42 billion in investments for the next three years.

“It is a great satisfaction to know that Brasil Offshore has played, in all these years, a vital role for the oil industry to reach such significant numbers for Macaé and the country as a whole”, says Daniel Pereira, a Manager at Brasil Offshore. “These results reaffirm our commitment to market development and the delivery of excellent work”, concludes he.

Given this scenario, Brasil Offshore was the key event for the promotion of new business opportunities, presentation of technological trends, and sharing of practical content in the oil and gas industry.

Those who still didn’t know exactly where and how to choose the right services for their companies or the best business opportunities could find them by looking for the Wilson Sons while at Brasil Offshore.

The oil and gas industry in Brazil

According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the country’s oil industry is based on exploration and production. Expressive resources are invested in the expansion of geological knowledge, in technological development, and in the formation of a chain of goods and services that can provide adequate support.

The exploration of the fields takes place through a concession, in the mixed regulatory regime system — concession and sharing of production. Brazil has 29 sedimentary basins of interest for hydrocarbon research, totaling 7.175 million km². However, only a small percentage of these areas are under contract for exploration and production activities.