Wilson Sons wins international award for sustainability report and environmental, social and governance actions

  • 06/10/2022
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Wilson Sons, Brazil’s largest integrated port-shipping logistics operator, was presented with an award at the ESG Reporting Awards 2022 — Best Sustainability Reporting — as the company with the best report in the services category, surpassing other global corporations. The award is promoted by ESG Investing, a division of Global Markets Media, an international news and reporting platform on ESG and sustainable investment based in the United Kingdom, targeted at trustees, institutional investors and corporations.

In the 2022 edition of the ESG Reporting Awards, 330 internationally renowned companies were evaluated, 13 of which in the services category. Wilson Sons, with over 180 years of operations in Brazil, published its first report entirely dedicated to sustainability actions last May. The report was published six months after Wilson Sons shares began to be traded on B3’s Novo Mercado (PORT3), demonstrating the company’s commitment to ensuring transparency in its environmental, social and governance activities.

“Wilson Sons is recognized not only for the quality and efficiency of its operations, but also for its contribution to society. We are committed to supporting the development of global trade and decisively contributing to Brazil’s competitiveness. We work hard to optimize the logistics chain, imperative to the country’s economy and sustainable development. We have devised critical solutions to supply the Brazilian population and leading industries both in Brazil and worldwide,” said Wilson Sons CEO Fernando Salek.

The ESG Reporting Award winners are chosen by independent experts, financial market professionals and academics. They consider the companies’ publishing policy, effectiveness of communication and transparency. The judges also review guidelines and reported results relating to all areas of sustainability and corporate policy.

Wilson Sons Sustainability Report described the actions taken throughout 2021 and the numbers that show the company’s resilience in a year impacted by the pandemic. Regarding 2020, net revenues in BRL rose about 18%, with heavy demand for the company’s operations, which are key to the country’s economy. Accounting for 90% of the global trade, shipping is less intensive in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to road and rail transport. It has high capacity and lower variable costs, allowing connections as well as high energy efficiency and economies of scale.

Wilson Sons listed four environmental topics as most relevant to the company: Emissions and Climate Change; Energy; Water Resources and Solid Waste; and Impact on Marine Ecosystems. To reduce the impact of its activities, the company has been pursuing opportunities to decarbonize its energy mix. Since 2014, the company has been voluntarily publishing its Inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. In 2021, it received the golden seal certificate by the GHG Protocol, a Brazilian program that supports corporations in their efforts to prepare and publish GHG inventories.

Seeking to foster a low-carbon economy, Wilson Sons took a range of actions and incorporated technologies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from its 80 tugboats. These actions include the Tugboat Operations Centre (COR) activity in Brazil, the development of dispatch optimization algorithms, incentive programs for crews that exceed operational efficiency targets, and the building of six new tugboats with a new hull design for greater operational efficiency with lower fuel consumption.

Also, the company incorporated into its risk matrix the identification and management of threats and opportunities related to climate change. Wilson Sons now assesses the risks and opportunities related to a low-carbon economy, evaluating scenarios, current practices and projections for the company’s business, following the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) methodology. In collaboration with suppliers, startups, education institutions and other partners, Wilson Sons is developing experiences and technologies towards significant carbon emission reduction.

“We seek to ensure the best socio-environmental practices in our operations in order to reduce CO2 emissions. We play an important role in the socio-economic development of Brazil by executing our strategy towards an increasingly sustainable future,” said Wilson Sons Sustainability director Monica Jaén.

Solid waste management is also a priority at Wilson Sons, which promotes recycling and reuse to mitigate pollution. Workforce awareness initiatives were implemented, including the recycling of uniforms, transformed into blankets for the homeless and also stray pets. In 2021, the project produced 510 recycled blankets. Regarding water resource management, the company has developed programs to reuse and store rainwater. In 2021, over four thousand cubic metres of water were reused in our container terminals, offshore support bases and logistics centre.

Wilson Sons has put into place a range of practices to encourage continuing education and other workforce-oriented programs. It earned the Great Place to Work certification as one of the best companies to work for.

Ethics is key in every relationship established by Wilson Sons with its stakeholders. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, whose 10th principle establishes that companies must fight corruption, Wilson Sons is committed to strengthening its compliance mechanisms and investing in initiatives to raise the awareness of its internal audience of the importance of fighting corruption.
Source: Wilson Sons

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